Welcome to the first blog for Stephanie Moorhouse!

It is so exciting to finally be up and running and share my passions and experiences with you to help achieve your goals! Whether it be sport, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition or health goals, I am here to help!

My first blog comes to you on a recent flight from Denpasar, Bali to Melbourne, Australia, which I have now named the ‘Disaster in Bali’ trip.

Nearly everything I had planned to do on this trip went wrong. From a delayed flight by two days due to an erupting volcano, resulting in me missing my Fitness Cruise departure, to the winds being too strong for three days for speed boats to catch up to the main cruise, to all internal flights from Denpasar to Lombok booked out all week!

So after pondering around for 5 days in Denpasar trying to catch up with my cruise, I decided it was not meant to be and booked a flight home which still had an adventure attached to it when my seat was double booked! Two people had been allocated 29G! How did this happen? No Idea – However it eventually all sorted itself out and I was on my way home.

Don’t get me wrong, Bali is a beautiful country and I will definitely be going back, but it just didn’t work out for me this time.

Why am I telling you this? The reason is to show that the persistence, hard work and positivity I kept the whole week is something I live by and want to share with others. Something I learnt throughout my 14 year elite Gymnastics career gave me the most amazing experiences, culminating in me competing for my country at the 2004 Olympic Games. The details of this incredible journey will come in future blogs.

However, my Bali adventure reminded me of one of the life skills I learnt throughout my Gymnastics career to never give up and keep trying until you reach that goal!

This time it did not go smoothly and did I achieve my goal? However, instead of being frustrated and disappointed about the experience, reflect on what I learnt and how this can make me stronger in the future.

Starting this business is exactly the same! Sharing my experiences as an Olympic Gymnast and passion for living an active, positive and healthy life with you!

Everything in life requires a support team around you, working together to achieve something special.

I am here to share my experiences to help other people achieve their goals and dreams.  I will use my knowledge, my support team and my experiences to help you!

The blogs will include a variety of topics from areas such as exercise, food, motivation, psychology, wellness and much more!

I have planned many exciting things for my business as we move into the future together and I hope you can join me on the journey also.

Please feel free at any time to send me an email with questions, queries or stories you would like to share.

Thank-you all for your support and lets get moving and living a healthy, happy and active life!

Passion and Dedication are a Powerful Combination.

Stay active,

Steph x

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