Pull-up Tips!

Pull-up Tips!

Pull-ups or also known as Chin-ups can be a tough exercise for people who have not spent their life swinging around on bars and flipping yourself around like a gymnast.

Pull-ups are purely a body weight exercise that relies on a strong upper body but also great body to weight ratio. This means your upper body must be strong enough to carry your body weight and lift it into the air! Generally females find this harder to do then males due to the different make-ups of males and females, however, it still can be trained and females can complete pull-ups just as impressively as males! It can be easier for smaller or lighter people as there is literally less to carry through the air, however, that just means you need to get a stronger upper body and core if this is not as easy for you to do!

So here are some tips to help improve your pull-ups and make them easier to complete! It is important to remember that building strength and in particular body weight strength takes time and consistency! If you are going to complete these tips once a month and expect to be smashing out pull-ups the following week then you’re dreaming. Consistency is the key!

  1. Work your strict pull-ups as much as possible. If I am talking in Crossfit terms right now, kipping and butterfly pull-ups are so much easier when you’re strict pull-ups are strong! Then you just have to work on the rhythm of the kip and you will be fine! Therefore, if pull-ups are in your workout, complete strict ones in the warm-up as this may be the only chance you get to work them. Or do one set strict and one set kipping if you need to practice your rhythm.
  2. Build your core! Having a strong core is a no brainer for a body weight movement. You are lifting your whole body through the air, therefore if your core is strong and your body is as ‘one’ it will be easier to lift it and move it easier! Stay tuned for my core program to come, but for now complete the below exercises 3 times a week.
  • 3 x 15 seconds hollow hold
  • 3 x 30 seconds plank on elbows
  • 3 x 15 superman hold
  1. Think about pulling from your Lats rather then your Biceps. The lats are the big muscle under your arm pits and will assist in the ‘pulling’ movement that is required in pull-ups. People forget to turn these muscles on before completing their pull-up which again is just making it harder. This is easier to work and train when you are doing strict pull-ups compared to when you are doing butterfly and kipping pull-ups. Get a good grip on the bar, activate your lats by using the feeling of pulling the bar apart and this will activate the correct muscles. It may feel a little harder at the start but it will get easier and be more effective for you.

Practise these 3 tips to help improve your pull-ups and you’ll be smashing them out in no time!

Stay Active,

Steph x

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