How to walk on your hands!

How to walk on your hands!


The secret that everyone wants to know in the world of Crossfit and if you don’t do Crossfit, who doesn’t want to just be able to walk on their hands anyway!

I know you are looking for the magic secret, but unfortunately I don’t have that for you. Like anything else in life, it comes down to practice!

However, not just practicing kicking up to your hands with bent legs, what I like to call ‘a banana back’ (a big arch in your back), bench arms and hoping that you are going to be able to walk the length of the gym!

Building up to walking on your hands is a progression from being able to hold a handstand on its own!

If you were to walk into a gymnastics gym, you would see five year old gymnasts learning to hold their body tight, working on hollow holds and body tension, working on upper body strength, working on holding the handstand againgst the wall, working on inverted shoulder strength so that in 2-3 years time, they can walk on their hands!

Everyone wants a quick fix these days and unfortunately with Gymnastics skills (and most things), that’s not possible! However, there are a few things you can do everyday to help this become a reality for you.

1. Build your core! You have no hope of holding a handstand unless you have a strong ‘midline’ or core. Stay tuned for my Core program to come! However, for now complete these three exercises every second day to help build your core.
• Hollow Hold – 3 x 20 seconds (Lay on your back and lift your legs and arms off the ground. Push your spine to the ground)
• Hollow lifts – 3 x 10 (Lay on back, lift legs and arms off the floor together, then lay back down)
• Super man hold – 3 x 20 seconds (Lay on your stomach and life to legs and arms off the ground. Lift from your butt, hold stomach tight)

2. Front support hold or ¾ handstand hold against the wall. You must build up your inverted shoulder strength. This is a different strength to having big shoulders to lift weights. Practise a front support hold or a handstand with your feet ¾ of the way up against the wall (with your stomach to the wall) and hold this for 3 x 15 – 20seconds. Hold stomach tight and arms much be straight!! Have the feeling of pushing up towards the roof!

3. Think of your body as a see-saw. It is straight, does not bend and stays flat the whole time. This is what you need to think when your body leaves the ground. Your butt must be squeezed like you are holding a $100 dollar note in it! Your arms must be straight and not bent or you will collapse to the ground. And your stomach must be tight! Whenever you body leaves the ground it must be switched on and squeezing as tight as possible!

Work on those three things every 2-3 days and you will be handstand walking in no time. Remember that consistency is the key!

Stay active,

Steph x


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