How to get better results when exercising!

How to get better results when exercising!

No matter what you want to achieve from training and exercising, you must train with a purpose!

No matter whether you are trying to loose weight, lift heavier weights, get a faster time, do more flips or tone up? You must be training with a purpose and a goal!

More on goals to come in later posts.

Training with a purpose means you are exercising with an aim to achieve something.

Over my 15 year Gymnastics career, 10 years post Gymnastics career coaching and working out in gyms and Crossfit boxes, I see again and again people not getting the best results they can when they are in the gym or out in the park training.

Be focused. Have a plan of what you want to achieve for the session. This can be as small as you want to get one more chin-up or run 100m further. It does not have to be a huge achievement each session.

We all live such hectic and busy lives and for some people, our time exercising is very limited and also your only ‘me time’. Therefore, make the most of it!

Some thoughts to think about:
1. Train with a purpose.
2. Why are you training and what are you training for?
3. Have a plan everytime before you start your session for what you want to achieve from the session. Pick 1 thing each session!

Stay active and keep moving!

Steph x

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