Self massage is one of the keys to keeping you feeling fit and injury free!

Everyone who trains a lot knows how tight and tired their muscles can get. Tight muscles can cause major injuries with the muscles becoming too tight and therefore pulling on the bones and ligaments and putting extra stress on them, resulting in injury.

Why is self massage a fantastic trick to do!

1.Saves you money as you don’t have to see a professional as often!

2. Saves you time as who has time to go and see a professional every week.

3. Helps prevent injury

4. Helps prepare the body for exercise by loosening up the muscles

5. Helps muscles recover quicker by flushing out any toxins and lactic acid that has built up in the muscles.

There are so many different types of self massage tools available these days but the one I live by is my roller which is in the the picture.

Spend 10 -15 minutes a day rolling out all muscles groups on this fantastic thing and I guarantee you will notice yourself feeling better prepared for training and recovering better from a hard session.

I’m not going to say it is not going to hurt but as I like to say ‘it is good pain!’

Stay Active,

Steph x


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